Rehearsal Schedule

Monday Jan 12– Scene 17

Benito(Patrick A.), Calico Jack

(Blake M.), Captain Hook (Bryce

H.),Cassidy (Ella B. Coppedge),

Foxy(Chloe S.), Jacquette (Maddie

R.), John (Paul C.), Michael (Anna

T.), Tigger(Alex H.), Noodler

(Daniela D.), Peter Pan(Bella S.),

Pugwash(Ethan H.), Ralphie

(Samantha E.), Rascal (Carson A.),

Red Legs (Gavin S.), Smee (Gavin

S.), Sparrow (Riley D.), Tinkerbelle

(Laura K.), Tootles (Mallory W.),

Wendy (Kerris F), Crocodile (Max.




Tuesday Jan 13–Solo Practice

Patrick A., Emma M.,

Jacqueline Gibbs, Paul

C., Olivia P., Samantha

Hoyer, Kendyl A., Anna

T., Sara Rose, Vivi K.,

Elyse M., Caroline C.,

Kerris F. Bella S., Laura

K. Gavin S. Samantha

Edmonds,Bryce H.,

Maddie R., Elyse M.,

Daniela D., Olivia L


Wednesday Jan 14– Scene 18

Bailey(Reed Picchi), Brody(Samantha H.), Casey (Elyse

M.), John (Paul C.), Liza (Emma O.), Louie (Faith C.),

Michael (Anna T.), Mr. Darling (Ethan H.),

Mrs. Darling (Macy H.), Peter Pan (Bella S.), Riley (Vivi

K), Slightly(Hailey B.), Toby (Alayna W.), Tootles (Mallory

W.) Wendy (Kerris F.), Nana (Sarah R.)

Soloists: (1) Macy H., Emma O, Kerris F. (Tender

Shepherd (2) Kerris F (Wendy’s Lullaby) Neverland (Laura

K., Sara R., Vivi King), (3) Anna T. (When You’re All Alone)

(4) Mallory W, Paul C (I Won’t Grow Up) (5) I’ve Got to Crow

(Bella S.),


Thursday Jan 15–NO PRACTICE


Friday Jan 16– Mermaids and Faeries

Olivia P.,Malli G., Hadley B., Macy H.,

Kendyl A., Faih C., Caroline C., Vivi K.,

Mallory W., Olivia L, Samantha P., Lena

Pierce, Elyse M., Ella B. Coppedge, Alex

H., Samantha E., Sara R., Reed P.,

Maddie R., Daniela D., Chloe S., Kenzie

O., Brooke R., Jacqueline G., emma M.,

laura K., Jada W., Bella S., Kerris F.

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