Notes from the Coaches


Parents and Cast Members,
We’re getting close to performance time.  We are very pleased with all of our rehearsals and we are now putting the finishing touches on each scene.  It’s really important for our kids to have reviewed their lines before the rehearsals for each scene.  It’s not enough to kinda know the lines; they need to say each line exactly as it is in the script because the actor who has the next line is listening for the exact words. Thanks so much for all of your support in working with your child.  Ms. Marco, Ms Jennie and I have never worked with a more cooperative, enthusiastic, talented group of children.
They are going to “knock your socks off” with their performances.  Please remember to invite your family and friends.  They deserve sold out audiences!! Yes, they are really that good!!
The performances are:  Thursday, Feb. 26Friday, Feb. 27, and Saturday, Feb. 28.   All performances are at 6:30 PM at Hightower Trail Middle School.
Just a reminder that you will receive a 10% discount off your Memory Book Ads, Tickets, and DVDs order if turned in by Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2015.  We hope each child will have a Memory Book Ad with a sentiment written by you congratulating your child on his/her upcoming performance.  We are also very excited that we have a professional videographer who will video Saturday night’s performance and put together a DVD that we feel you will treasure always. And you will have the opportunity to order your tickets early.  They will be sent home by your child before the performances.
If you have questions, please email me at Ms. Marco
Mrs. Opie



Hope your fall break was filled with fun times with your family and friends.  I particularly enjoyed being in the outside in the beautiful weather.

A reminder that the drama club packet  (volunteer and commitment forms) are due tomorrow, Monday, September 22. Packets and fees should be returned in the envelope attached to the packet.  Your child can turn in the packet and fees to the Opie Marco Productions box located in the hall outside the main office.  In order for a student to attend practices, all forms need to be turned in.

We are very excited that rehearsals begin this week.  Be sure to check the schedule for your child’s practice days.  Also, we request that all students who are involved in scenes that are being practiced have their lines completely memorized and know when to say those lines.  We have found the best way to practice is with you or an older sibling giving out the lines before your child speaks his or hers.  Thank you for your support in helping your child practice lines. I have attached the packet and the schedule for the next two weeks in case you might them.

And now, it is time to get started on our journey together headed straight for NEVERLAND.

Mrs. Opie, Ms. Marco, and Ms. Jennie

To the Parents of our Drama Students:
We are so very proud of our 47 students who have earned a place in the cast of Peter Pan for  2014-2015 . Their tryouts were as fantastic as we have ever experienced in our 19 year history.
Every child has his/her script and we suggest each one of them start memorizing lines. It is crucial that our cast members know their lines perfectly when they come to practice.  Staging a scene is not easy but we have much greater success when our kids know their lines.  We request you work with their children on their lines.  Not only does each child need to know his/her lines but also the lines before he/she speaks so he/she will know when to come in.  Please post each week’s schedule where you and your child can check on scheduled practices.
Please check your emails for updates.  The schedule will be sent to you on each Tuesday.  Within 2 weeks, you can also find the schedule on the Shallowford Falls Blog under Student Activities as well as on our internet web
A reminder that the Drama Club Packet and fees are due on Monday, Sept. 22.  Please put all forms and your check in the envelope that was attached to the packet.  Students should put this envelope in the Opie Marco Productions box located in the hall across from the Main Office.  If you would like to pay in two installments, we request that two payments of $125.00 be turned in by November 1.  It is necessary for this packet to be turned in before our students begin their rehearsals.  We have attached this packet in case you need a copy.
We would like to thank you for your support and we are looking forward to working with you and your child as we get ready to travel to Neverland.
Brenda Opie, Diane Marco, and Jennie Opie

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